Kurt Lehrmann is an accomplished part time Midwestern artist who focuses on creating functional high fire stoneware pottery. His love for art began in early childhood and continued through high school where he gravitated toward clay and sculpture. 

His passion for pottery took off while attending Carthage College in Kenosha, Wisconsin where he received a minor in Art. Under the tutelage of Professor Phillip Powell, a talented potter himself, Kurt spent over three years developing his wheel throwing and hand building skills. After graduation he continued working casually in pottery throughout his professional career. With over 30 years on the wheel he continues to refine and redefine his passion to play with clay under the continuing support of Professor Kim Greene, also at Carthage College. 

His primary focus is transforming common practical home objects into a blend of artistic and functional ceramic pieces. All the pieces are high fire stoneware which makes them safe with food use and storage. He is often inspired by simple flowing forms found in nature and local natural materials with an eye open for practical daily uses.

Kurt can be reached on Etsy or at