Pricing guidelines

Each category page has two sections to make shopping easy -- available and sold.

In either section, more information (like price and color) can be found by clicking on any item.  The image will enlarge and show details below the picture.  Items tagged "NFS" have been sold and are not for sale.  

If you're interested in a piece, please contact Kurt via Etsy or at  If you would like to purchase any work, please let us know!  We are happy to provide additional photos and descriptions of anything on the site.

Just a heads up--it is our policy to sell only on Etsy to provide both seller and buyer protection, but we will gladly make a custom listing for you.

Custom Work 

If you love Kurt's pieces, but are looking for something more specific, Kurt can do custom work!  Please contact Kurt via Etsy or at  Note that depending on the season, lead times can be several months.

Items tagged "NFS" have been sold and are not for sale, however you may want to browse the section for interesting shapes, textures and colors should you want to do a custom order.  While it's difficult to exactly replicate a piece, we can usually get something reasonably close.

Let us know what you're looking for and we'll let you know if we're able to accommodate.  

Custom stoneware pieces from Practical Pottery starting at...

Pricing can vary by size, complexity, details, glazes, etc.  Final prices may fall outside of the ranges above (higher or lower).  Before finalizing a custom order, Kurt will provide a firm quote.  

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